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Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot

Considering the health of employees and the community, it is our fundamental duty to implement new hygiene standards as an institutional value.


The COVID-19 outbreak requires spaces to have new precautions regarding cleanliness. The Autonomous UVC Robot is a complementary step to the existing cleaning process that prevents the spread of germs.

When cleaning with chemicals, it is crucial to use appropriate doses. If the right amount of chemical is not used then there are risks to human and environmental health. The UVC Robot should be applied daily as the last step of the regular cleaning process to ensure that all germs are killed properly.

High energy UVC rays with a wavelength of 254 nm can penetrate the cell membrane and break down the nucleic acids. All cellular activities are disrupted and these pathogens are unable to spread.

The effects of UVC on the human body vary depending on the duration of exposure, it can cause painful burns on the skin. Direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary damage to the eye and cornea.

UVC Robot

The autonomous UVC robot is able to eliminate these risks because it does not require operator requirements.


For the most success, UVC Robot should be used daily in public spaces with high traffic and areas where social distancing is difficult. 

This process ensures that the necessary hygiene standards are met, because of the unique UV technology.

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